1-7- Mindfulness

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What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness (sati) is “remembering to observe how mind’s attention moves moment-to-moment and remembering what to do with any arising phenomena!” Successful meditation needs a highly developed skill of mindfulness. The 6R’s training taught at Dhamma Sukha Meditation Center is a reclaimed ancient guidance system which develops this skill.

The first R is to Recognize but before we do it, the meditator must remember to use their observation power (mindfulness) for the meditation cycle to start running. Mindfulness is the fuel. It’s just like gas for an engine. Without mindfulness, everything stops!

Being persistent with this practice will relieve suffering of all kinds.

To begin this cycle “smoothly” you must start the engine and have lots of gas (mindfulness) in the tank!

Meditation (bhāvanā) helps you to let go of such difficult delusional states in life as fear, anger, tension, stress, anxiety, depression, sadness, sorrow, fatigue, condemnation, feelings of helplessness, or whatever the “catch (attachment) of the day” happens to be. (Delusional means here, taking things that arise personally and identifying with them to be “I”, “Me”, “Mine” or “atta” in Pāli.) These states result in suffering that we cause ourselves. This suffering comes from a lack of understanding in how things actually occur.

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